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Today Barack Obama welcomes his accomplice François Hollande in Washington

Allegedly, the secret schedule of the French President in America  :

François Hollande aux Etats -Unis.

François Hollande aux Etats -Unis.

Monday, February 10th :

14h30 (20h30 FR) : Arrival of the President of the French Republic in the United States of America (I am thrilled).

16h30 (22h30 FR) : Visit to Monticello by President Obama and President Hollande of France (with scooters).

20h00 (02h00 FR) : Dinner with Christine LAGARDE, Managing Director (MD) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Doctor Jim YONG KIM, President of the World Bank (Subject : the French female subhuman trade with America, soul, talents, and sooner than we think organs).

Tuesday, February  11th :

09h00 (15h00 FR) : Arrival ceremony on the White House South Lawn. Talk between the two Chiefs of State, François HOLLANDE and Barack OBAMA.

9h30 (15h30) : Michelle Obama visits an American school with the First Girl Friend (Cancelled). Instead, Condoleezza Rice suggests a short speech on the topic : «Surveillance, rape and sequestration of women in the contemporary social democratic society».

12h00 (18h00 FR) : Joint news conference of the two Presidents (Promotion of Human Rights).

13h15 (19h15 FR) : Lunch with Vice-President Joseph R. BIDEN and Secretary of State John F. KERRY, in the State Department (Subject : National Security Agency eavesdropping).

15h15 (21h15 FR) : Ceremony in honor of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.

15h45 (21h45 FR) : Decoration of six veterans of the Second World War in Fort Myer (Friends of Robert Murphy and Jacques Lemaigre Dubreuil in Algiers).

16h30 (22h30 FR) : Meeting with American company managers.

Wednesday, February 12th :

11h00 (20h00 FR) : Talk in the City Hall of San Francisco with Edwin M. LEE, Mayor of San Francisco, and Edmund G. BROWN, Governor of California (Subject : How to turn one’s coat with great panache).

12h30 (21h30 FR) : Lunch with American company managers (Movie Industry, Internet).

14h15 (23h15 FR) : Inaugural ceremony of US French Tech Hub, in presence of Edwin M. LEE (Speech of the President of the French Republic).

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